What If I Run Out Of Play Money Chips? How Do I Get Play Money Chips?

New accounts will automatically start out with $10,000 in Play Money chips, which are used as the currency for betting in the Poker Rooms and as the buy ins and payouts for some poker tournaments. PurePlay Play Money chips are for entertainment purposes only and are not redeemable or transferable for real-world funds or prizes.

An additional amount in Play Money, determined by the player's current Casino Level, is added to all players' accounts upon log in to the game room, once every calendar day. If a user does not claim their additional Play Money chips in a specific calendar day, those chips are forfeited. If a user runs out of chips after having received their additional Play Money chips that day, they can purchase more by going to the My Stats page and clicking on the "Get More Play Money" link. Play money chips have no cash value.

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