1. Sticker- A visual decoration, and can be earned by collecting materials and crafting them.
  2. Sticker Set- Is the set of Stickers that are offered for that chapter.
  3. Sticker Menu- AKA your Treehouse Lab icon that lives on the upper left corner of your game    map, and is where you can view your Stickers progress with viewing, crafted and unlocked.
  4. Sticker Book- Where Stickers can be rearranged and collected.
  5. Material- Is required to craft Stickers. Materials are earned by playing the levels in the chapter and are randomly spawned in the game as a Material Tile. Materials can also be purchased with gold.
  6. Chapter Questlines- The Questlines are designed around the Chapter to guide you through collecting the necessary materials, replaying levels, and craft the Stickers. Questlines do NOT block you from progressing in the main saga chapter content.
  7. Wilma- Is a young female alchemist that studies at the same Academy as Watson.


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