What are the different resources and currencies in the game?

Coins = The main currency in the game to buy most shop items. You earn coins primarily by completing missions, harvesting crops, leveling-up and killing zombies.

Cash =  Cash is the primary way to hurry through certain parts of the game and early un-lock special weapons, decorations and character accessories and clothing.

Energy = Energy allows characters to perform various actions throughout the game. Depleted energy re-fills automatically over time, when a character levels up, or by purchasing energy packs from the shop. Progressing through levels gives characters a higher energy threshold.

Bricks = Bricks enable the creation of new buildings and are acquired by clearing broken pavement and rubble

Food = Purchase energy packs with food. Acquire food by performing farming tasks.

Collection items = Killing zombies generates collection items, which allow you to craft new weapons in your buildings.


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