What is breeding and how can I breed my Zoo animals?

Help save endangered species! Only rare and ultra rare species can be bred. Click the stork above your friend bar (Hint: ultra rare species cost Wildlife Points to breed) in the Visit Zoo tab. It takes two of each species to breed more. Each species takes a different length of time to breed, so be sure to check the times so you can feed the babies. Unfed babies will get sick and require special care!

If you're not got going to be around, you can choose to post a message to your newsfeed when your babies need feeding and your friends can feed them for you. If you help a friend feed a newborn, you will receive a growth formula which cuts breed time by 25%. Upon reaching Breed Mastery levels, you will earn Wildlife Points! To start, choose an animal by clicking the "Click to breed" sign above the nest. (Hint: Some of the achievements in the game require a certain number of each species you own, so learning how to breed your species is a great skill to master!)

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