How do I buy animals and items?

Buying animals and items in the Zoo shop is easy! Click the "Shop" icon from your Zoo and it will open an area where you can peruse the available items. Once you've found the item you want, select the quantity you want and click on the blue "Buy" button. (Hint: Click with caution! Once you've hit the Buy button, wait a few seconds to make sure your click went through before hitting it again. This can save you from accidentally buying extras!)

The shop is laid out in sections or departments to make your shopping experience a breeze. In each section, you can see what is currently available, what can be unlocked next, and what you need to do to unlock these. New animals are unlocked every few levels. They may not appear in the shop right away unless you purchase animals that come before. All animals and most kiosks can be placed on your zoo map when you start to customize your Zoo.


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