What is the Vintage Car Quest in Gardens of Time?

I see a quest to buy a Vintage Car - what is this?

The Vintage Car is a special limited release item available in the decorations tab of the store, between the pink orchids, and pine tree items. This optional quest gives you 1,000 silver in addition to the reputation and experience points of the car.


Can I continue to play the game if I do not complete this quest?

This quest is optional, and is not required to unlock new scenes, new chapters and new quests.


How do I get this quest?

You must finish all of chapter four to unlock this quest.


What if I don't have enough gold to buy the car?

There are a few options to earn this car!


  1. Buy additional gold
  2. Earn free gold by completing official offers
  3. Save gold rewards you may earn while playing




What if I already purchased the Vintage Car?

Once you receive the quest, you must purchase a new Vintage Car to complete it. Previously purchased Vintage Cars will not work. 

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