What are Jigsaw Puzzles in Gardens of Time?

Jigsaw Puzzles are not yet available for all players. If you do not yet have this feature, you may receive them in the future. 

We apologize, but there is no mechanism to purchase features you may not yet have. 


How do Puzzles work in Gardens of Time? 

Jigsaw Puzzles are a fun new way to enjoy scenes in Gardens of Time.

Scenes are broken into pieces, and puzzles can be 7x4, 8x4, or 9x5, having 28 to 45 pieces.


How to Find the Jigsaw Puzzle Feature

Click the Collections Icon, A treasure chest, in the wheel on your lower right.

Then, click the tab, ?Puzzles.?

The tab says "Jigsaw Puzzles"  


How to unlock a Puzzle

You can play a puzzle once you have collected enough pieces.

If you do not want to play the next puzzle, you can unlock future puzzles with gold. 


How do I collect puzzle pieces?

You have a chance to find Jigsaw Puzzle pieces when you complete a puzzle

If you upgrade an item to 8,9 or 10, you will get a puzzle piece!

If you upgrade a premium item, than you can uncover 2 puzzle pieces instead of one.

You have a chance to find a puzzle piece each time you complete a puzzle.

You can also purchase puzzle pieces in the puzzle tab. 


What happens to my Puzzle Pieces?

If you have already unlocked all of your puzzles, you will continue to find puzzle pieces. You can save them to unlock future puzzles.

Puzzle pieces are automatically added to your total when you find them. You do not need to accept them manually.

To see your total, click the puzzle tab in your collections menu. 


Playing the Game: Puzzles

Puzzles cost 10 energy to play


How to complete a puzzle

When your puzzle begins, you will see the whole scene. Study the scene for a few seconds before your board begins, Your preview will disappear, and you piece the scene together by placing puzzle pieces on the game board.


You?ll be given a handful of pieces at a time. Click and drag the piece to where it should go on the board, or, click the space on the board, where you want your piece to go. 


What rewards do I get when I complete a puzzle?

Each time you complete a puzzle, you have a chance to find a spare puzzle piece. You also earn Silver and Experience Points. The higher level you are, the more silver and experience you will earn. 



Boosts and Hints, and how they work in puzzles


How do Hints work on Puzzles?

Flash will briefly show you which puzzle pieces go where.

The Thermo Hint will change the color of your pointer as you move it across the puzzle board, growing red when you are near a clickable puzzle piece.

The Find hint will zoom in on the placement of one piece. This one zooms in on the placement of 1 piece.

Goggles Hint: Highlights the correct spot to place one of the pieces when the cursor is close.  


How do Boosts work on Puzzles? 

Ghostly guide shows you a faint image of the completed scene, on the puzzle board. This preview stays the entire puzzle if you purchase this booster.  

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