What is the Bouncing with Bunnies quest in Gardens of Time?

I see a quest to buy a Snow Bunnies - what is this?

Snow Bunnies are a premium item available in Gardens of Time. This optional quest gives you a good silver reward in addition to the reputation and experience points of the item.


Can I continue to play the game if I do not complete this quest?

This quest is optional, and is not required to unlock new scenes, new chapters and new quests.



 Premium (Gold) Quests are NEVER required.



How do I get this quest?

You must complete any other premium quest to unlock this quest, such as the Vintage Car, or Shifting Shrines quest.  


What if I don�t have enough gold to buy the car?

There are a few options to earn this car!


  1. Buy additional gold
  2. Earn free gold by completing official offers
  3. Save gold rewards you may earn while playing




What if I already purchased the Snow Bunnies?

Once you receive the quest, you must purchase a new Snow Bunnies item to complete it. Previously purchased Bunnies will not work. 

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