How does the Weekly Roamer work in Gardens of Time?

Each Week, Natalie will appear in your garden for one whole day.

The day is random, and can be any day of the week. If you don't see Natalie, she may not have made it to your garden this week. She'll be visiting more gardens in the future, so keep watch! 


You Must have 2 paths at your entrance for her to appear.


When you click on her the first time, you may receive a free gift of energy, if your energy bar isn't already full. 


Buy premium items at a discount for you or a friend! Each purchase counts towards unlocking a special reward. In the example picture below, you would earn toolboxes once you purchase from her 5 times. 



* To buy for yourself, click the green bar with the gold price. 

** To buy for a friend, click the gold gift icon with the blue ribbon.  

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