Why is Facebook Removing Facebook Credit payments?

Purchasing is now easier!  Don?t be bugged by reloading your Facebook Credits, what you see is the price without needing to convert between different currencies! Facebook asking all games to update Payments to support pricing in local currency (Example: US dollar, British pound, and Japanese yen) instead of Facebook Credits. You will see the cost in your own local currency where available!  


Prices and game play should not be affected and all you will be able to continue to make purchases during the transition. There may be a few hiccups in this system being implemented across Facebook so please bear with us as Facebook implements this new feature.   


To make this time even easier, there is a grace period. There is no need to be concerned about converting any remaining Facebook Credits as this will be done upon your next purchase.


For more information on why Facebook is having us change, please follow the link below as many of your questions can be answered here:

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