Wilderness Management

Why Can't I Conquer this Wilderness?

After attacking a Wilderness, if you are victorious it should be yours to keep. Conquering a Wilderness will boost your resource production rates and can be a very beneficial part of any Empire.

If you successfully attack a Wilderness but do not own it afterward, you may have hit the capacity of Wildernesses you can currently own. If this is the case, you need to either abandon a Wilderness you already own, or upgrade the level of your Fortress or Outpost to increase your Wilderness capacity.

How do I abandon a Wilderness?

To abandon a Wilderness, you must first find it on your Map. To do so quickly, select the "Wilderness" tab in the bottom right corner of your screen.

When the tab is open, select View on the Wilderness you want to access.

After finding the Wilderness you want to abandon and, assuming it is visible on your map, click on the Wilderness and select "Abandon".

One more screen will appear asking you if you are sure you want to abandon the Wilderness. If you select "Abandon" one more time, you'll abandon that Wilderness and create space for a new one!

How do I upgrade my Fortress?

To upgrade the level of your Fortress, simply click on the Fortress and select "Upgrade". It is important to keep your Fortress as high a level as possible, for each additional level you grant your Fortress allows you to occupy a new Wilderness.

For example, if you have a Level 8 Fortress you can occupy 8 Wilderness'. There are many other benefits to upgrading your Fortress, such as the ability to have more plots in your field.

How do I upgrade the level of my Outpost?

As you level up your Outpost, you gain the ability to occupy one more Wilderness spot per level. However, since there is no Fortress in your Outpost, the level of your Outpost is dictated by the level of the Plain it occupies.

For example, if your Outpost is positioned on a Level 3 Plain, it will grant you 3 additional Wilderness spots.

If you are occupying a lower level Plain and wish to upgrade your Outpost to a higher level, simply conquer another Plain and use an Outpost Warp to switch your Outpost's location to your new Plain!

To acquire an Outpost Warp, simply purchase one from the shop, or try to win one in Fortuna's Chance!

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