Anthropus Camps

What is an Anthropus Camp?

Anthropus Camps are filled with many types of monster troops that guard the Camp from attacks. The level of the Camp will determine the number and type of Troops on guard. Players that are victorious after attacking a Camp cannot conquer and own the Camp, but may only loot the Resources and Items found within the Camp.

It is not uncommon to lose troops in a battle against an Anthropus Camp. Each battle is determined by quite a few variables, so it is possible for losses to occur even after attacking a camp multiple times with the same army.

WARNING: After you kill off all the Troops stationed at a Camp, it does not guarantee that your subsequent attacks will find an unpopulated Camp. Anthropus Camps are known to generate with new Troops immediately after a battle.

Additionally, there may be occasion when you lose troop regardless if you sent the exact same march as before against the same camp. This is due to the random effects that are applied in battles in order to keep them more lifelike and realistic.

What items can be found in an Anthropus Camp?

The higher level Anthropus you attack, the higher the probability you will receive an Item. The following types of Items can be found in Anthropus Camps:

  • Blink, Hop, and Skip Speedups in Level 1 through Level 4
  • Great Dragon Armor in Level 5 and above
  • Fangtooth Respirators in Level 7 and above
  • Glowing Mandrakes in Level 7 and above
  • Volcanic Ruin in Level 7 and above
  • Banshee Talon in Level 7 and above
  • Glacial Runes in Level 8 and above
  • Reaper Totems in Level 7 and above
  • Swamp Scales in Level 8 and above
  • Titan Seedlings in Level 8 and above (Amber Crest Dragon must be present on march)

Troop types found in Anthropus Camps:

  • Brat
  • Cannibal
  • Stench
  • She-Devil
  • Clubber
  • Hurler
  • Shredder
  • Chieftan
  • Bloods

These Troops will also be defending whenever a player attacks an unoccupied Wilderness.

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