What are Bookmarks?

Bookmarks are useful for keeping tabs on your own cities, wildernesses and other players. They allow you to save the position of another location in your "Bookmarks" to find easily at a later time.

To access the Bookmarks, click on the "Map" button located on the lower right corner of the game.

In the Map view, the Bookmarks menu will be in the middle, below the Quests tab. Your City and Outposts are automatically bookmarked for you.

To look at a list of your bookmarks, simply click on the blue down-arrow button, and a pull-down menu will show you the list.

There are a total of 30 bookmarks you are allowed to have. If you have reached the maximum number of bookmarks, it will give you an error message when you try to add more bookmarks.

How do I add a Bookmark?

You can add a player into your Bookmarks by finding their city on the Map view. Click on their city, and a menu will pop up. Select the star next to "Add Bookmark."

Then this player's city will be added to your list of bookmarks!

If you wanted to remove a bookmark, simply click on the star again (the star will be blue, it will say "Remove Bookmark") and it will be removed from your bookmark list.

To go to another player's city, simply click on their city name in your bookmark list, and then select "Go."

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