Spying and Attacking

What is the difference between Spying and Attacking?

There are two main ways to utilize your Troops in Dragons of Atlantis: Spying and Attacking.


It is important to collect as much intelligence on your fellow players as you can before you attack them; information before a battle can help inform you about what types of troops to send and how many.

When you Spy on a City you can gather information about another player's forces. Depending on your level of Clairvoyance researched, Spy marches will return more detailed information about the player's forces. You can research higher levels of Clairvoyance in your Science Center.

Higher levels of Clairvoyance will provide you with information about another players Research levels, number of Troops, and type of Troops. This information could prove very useful when deciding on the Troops you wish to send out to attack. When viewing a spy report, troop types that are set to "Fight Back" are the only troops that will be displayed in the report. In other words, if your opposition's troops are hiding, on the wall and not set to "Fight Back", on marches, or reinforcing other coordinates they will not be displayed in the spy report. If you do not see a specific troop type listed in the spy report it means there were 0 set to "Fight Back" at the time your spies gathered information.

Spying will also provide you information about another player's research levels. Please note that if a player has a research level of 0, that particular type of research will not be displayed in the spy report. Only level 1 and higher research levels will be listed in the report. This means that if you do not see a type of research listed in the spy report, it is at level 0.

Spying only provides information and will not award you with Resources or Items. Please keep in mind, Spies can defend against another player's Spy marches, so it is possible to lose Spies when spying.


Attacking involves sending Troops out to conquer a Wilderness or plunder a City or Anthropus Camp. You are able to gain Resources and Items by attacking.

Keep in mind that when you attack another player they will receive a warning from their City's Sentinel Tower. This Sentinel Report will warn them of your approach, so it is entirely possible that they will be ready to retaliate.

When you attack another player without spying first, you will not gain detailed information about that player's forces.

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