The Ore Guardian

What does the Ore Guardian do?

The Ore Guardian, also known as the Iron Indrik, is a sacred beast that provides the following boosts to your City:

•     Bonus to total Ore Production within your City.
•     Bonus to maximum Ore Production Cap
•     Bonus to marching Troops’ Attack

The Ore Guardian boosts will stack with other boosts such as Research levels, item boosts, and Knight boosts. As the level of the Ore Guardian increases, the boosts to your Ore production and Attack will increase as well.

To level up your Ore Guardian, you will need to conquer higher level Wildernesses. Please note the maximum level your Ore Guardian can reach directly corresponds to the highest level Wilderness you have conquered.

To unlock the Ore Guardian, you will need to purchase an Obsidian Rune from the Shop. Each Ore Guardian in your Cities will require one Obsidian Rune to summon.

You will be able to switch between the Ore Guardian and any other available Guardian whenever you want. However, the Ore Guardian cannot be deconstructed once it has been built.

Last, remember to name your Ore Guardian with the Renaming Ritual, which is available in the Shop!

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