Research & New Technologies

What is Research and how do I Research new Technologies?

Technologies grant your Cities bonuses such as increased Production of Resources, increased Troop Health and Attacks, or more information when Scouting. They also play a heavy role in Combat as many of the Technologies can boost your Army's Attacks, Defenses and Health. In order to begin Researching you need to Construct an Alchemy Lab. Once this is built, you can begin Researching!

NOTE:  The level of Technology you are able to Research corresponds with the level of your Alchemy Lab. Also, a Technology icon with an "X" through it's icon is unable to be Researched. Tap on this Technology to see the requirements!

  • To begin Researching, Tap on your Alchemy Lab and choose the Technology you want to Research. A "status update" bar will appear in the lower right hand corner of your game screen in the "Building" tab. This tab will display what you're Researching and how much time remains until the Research is complete.
  • You are able to Research one Technology at a time in each City you have. If you have an Alchemy Lab in two Cities, you will be able to research two technologies- one in each City. You will need to have an Alchemy Lab and the appropriate level Buildings to conduct further Research in each corresponding City. 

NOTE: Research levels of Technologies carry over from City to City. Also, once a Technology is Researched, the Research cannot be undone.

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