What are Guardians and what are the benefits of having one in my City?

Guardians are sacred beasts in Kingdoms of Camelot that strengthen your troops and improve your resources. You can summon a Wood Guardian in each of your Cities.

Benefits of the Wood Guardian

  • Bonus to total Wood Production within your city
  • Bonus to maximum Wood Production Cap
  • Bonus to maximum health of all troops (excluding defensive units)

These benefits will increase as your Guardian is upgraded!  Every city can summon a separate Guardian. All the troops within each city receive benefits based on the level of that city's Guardian.  

Guardian Requirements

There are no initial requirements for building your level 1 Guardian, but as you upgrade various restrictions will be in place. Your upgrades are bound to the level of Wilds you possess, so if you wish to upgrade to a level 2 Guardian, that city must possess at least a level 2 Wild and so on. You can view all of the requirements by clicking out your Guardian in game.  

Additional Information

Each city contains a stone summoning platform. This new tile is the home of your Guardian.

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