What is the importance of Happiness in Kingdoms of Camelot?

Happiness is a reflection of how your population reacts to the Tax Rate in each of your Cities. The higher the Tax Rate on your City's population, the lower its respective Happiness will be. A higher Happiness level leads to a higher Current Population in your City. If taxes are raised in your City, you will receive a higher Gold production, but your population level will decrease.

To raise your Happiness level, you can try the following:

  • Have a friend send you a Travelling Faire. When you receive this, your Happiness will increase by 50 in all of your Cities.

  • Click on the "Increase Happiness" button from the Castle menu. This provides a temporary boost to your Happiness in exchange for a tax refund at 10 Gold per person in your City. These boosts are only temporary and Happiness levels will return to normal over time.
  • Lower your Tax Rate.  You can adjust your Tax Rate by accessing your Castle and clicking on the "Change Tax Rate" button

  • Use the Mass Hypnosis item which increase Happiness to 100 for a limited amount of time.

Be sure to manage the Happiness of your Citizens appropriately for the best balance of Gold production and Population!

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