Launching an Attack

How do I attack in The Godfather?

To make an attack in The Godfather requires you to first have the following:

  • A Hideout of at least Level 1
  • A minimum of 1 unit

Luckily you will start the game with both of these requirements met!  After you exacted your revenge upon the Black Hands five of your thugs made it back to the Neighborhood.

To use these (and other units you have trained) to attack Cityscapes, Gangs, and other players, click on the City Map button on the left side of the screen.

Find a Cityscape, Gang, or player you would like to attack and click that tile.  You'll be prompted with an Attack button that you'll need to press (the example below is for a Level 1 Cityscape).

Then designate how many units you want to attack.  Use either the sliders or manually enter the numbers in the appropriate boxes, then press Deploy.  Alternatively if you want all your units to attack simply hit MAX. 

Congratulations, your troops are now in transit!  You can see how long they will take to reach their destination on the right of the screen.

Note: If your units are victorious against a Cityscape they will hang around that part of the City until you recall them back to your Neighborhood.  Click the tile you just attacked and press Recall to bring them back.  Units that defeat a Gang will return to your Estate automatically as you cannot permanently conquer a Gang tile.

Good luck out there and make your Family proud!

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