The Armory and Armory sets

What is the Armory and what is it used for?

In The Godfather: Five Families, players can equip various pieces of equipment to help boost the attack and health of their units. To view and change equipment you must first build an Armory.

The Armory is located in your Estate and is unlocked at Level 3. You will need to unlock and build your armory before you are able to view or change any equipment.

To build your Armory, click the empty Armory building in your Estate. This will bring up the Armory window and allow you to build your Armory.

Once the Armory has finished construction, the building will show up in your Estate view.

Once inside the Armory, click on the 'Armory' tab at the top of the screen and you will switch to a window listing your available equipment. Additionally, any items you currently have equipped will be displayed here. 

All equipment is sorted by level. Any equipment you have found will have its picture colored in on the right had of the screen when the appropriate level is selected.

To equip an item, locate the equipment and click on it. This will present you with two options: the ability to equip the item and the ability to sell the equipment.

If you select "Equip", the item will be moved to the top row of your Armory, in the "Equipped" section.

If you locate all of the same level and Tier Equipment and equip the set, then you will receive an additional bonus. For example, if you were to equip all four of the level 3 Silver Tier equipment, you will receive a 15% bonus to your Cash and Resource production. Only the Equipment Sets you have equipped will give you a bonus.


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