Reporting Abuse in Chat

How do I report inappropriate behavior?

The Chat feature in The Godfather: Five Families is a great tool to make friends, form Crews, and simply enjoy playing The Godfather.  Unfortunately, some people will use this feature to intentionally ruin the fun of other players.

If you ever come across someone abusing chat there is a quick and easy way to report them to The Godfather team.  Simply left click their name and scroll down to the "Report Abuse" button:

Once you click "Report Abuse" you're done!  You'll see a popup with a confirmation that your report was received and you can rest assurred The Godfather team is investigating the situation to its fullest.

You can also Mute a player by clicking a players name and selecting Mute. This will Mute the player for the duration of your session while playing The Godfather: Five Families.

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