Using Gold

What can I use Gold for?

Gold is useful for many things in Dragons of Atlantis. 

You need Gold to pay your Generals. Each General receives a certain amount of Gold per hour as a salary. However, if the Facebook friend you appoint as a General also plays Dragons of Atlantis, the amount of Gold you pay that General is decreased.

Many Research projects in your Science Center require Gold. The higher the level of Research you are trying to perform, the higher the Gold cost will be.

You also need Gold to upgrade your Dragon Keep. Like other resources, it will cost more Gold to upgrade your Dragon's Keep as it reaches higher levels.

Once you have researched Mercantilism through your Science Center, you can use Gold to buy additional Resources that you may need to further improve your City. Check out the Trading Post to see what Resources your fellow players are buying and selling.

Gold can be acquired by taxing your City population or by purchasing some in the Shop. Please keep in mind, it is not possible to purchase items in the Shop with Gold.

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