Outposts by the Numbers!

Outposts by the Numbers!

Sometimes the game will refer to your Outposts by number, instead of by their names. Since you can start your Outposts in different orders, this can be confusing to some players. We've provided a list that will clear up any confusion regarding which Outpost is which number.

  • Outpost 1 - Water Outpost
  • Outpost 2 - Stone Outpost
  • Outpost 3 - Fire Outpost
  • Outpost 4 - Wind Outpost
  • Outpost 5 - Spectral Ruins
  • Outpost 6 - Ice Outpost
  • Outpost 7 - Sunken Temple
  • Outpost 8 - Gaea Spring
  • Outpost 9 - Solarian Highlands

You do not necessarily need to build your Outposts in this order, this is simply another way the game refers to these parts of your Empire. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact support for assistance. 


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