Granite Ogres and Glowing Mandrakes

What is a Granite Ogre?

A Granite Ogre is a new troop type available to be trained exclusively in Outpost #2 (Stone Dragon Outpost). Granite Ogres have much larger health and defense than previous troop types. Consequently, Granite Ogres are most beneficial leading attacks and shielding ranged troops like Longbowmen that have lower defense and health points.

With this new troop, players can balance their armies in new and interesting ways, adding a brand new layer of depth to battles in Dragons of Atlantis!

At this point in time, Granite Ogres can only be trained in Stone Dragon Outposts. You can view and dismiss Granite Ogres in any location, but in order to train them you must do so in your Stone Dragon Outpost.

How do I train a Granite Ogre?

In order to train a Granite Ogre, first make sure you have a second Outpost (Stone Dragon Outpost) with a Level 10 Training Camp. From there, click on your Training Camp and scroll to the very bottom to find Granite Ogres. When you select the Granite Ogre, you will be presented with a list of necessary Resources and Research levels. If you fulfill all of these requirements, you will then be able to train Granite Ogres.

In the list of requirements to train a Granite Ogre is also a new item: a Glowing Mandrake. Much like how each Fangtooth requires a Fangtooth Respirator, each Granite Ogre you wish to train requires one Glowing Mandrake. Glowing Mandrakes are the nerve center of Granite Ogres, and without one they would cease to exist. Please keep in mind that each time you use a Glowing Mandrake it expires, for it is placed into the body of your new Granite Ogre. If your Granite Ogre is killed, the Glowing Mandrake within dies too.

In order to acquire more Glowing Mandrakes you can attempt to win some in Fortuna's Chance, purchase them in the Shop under the Arsenal tab, or find them as battle drops at Level 7-10 Hills and Anthropus Camps. Additionally, when you complete the Quest for building a Level 10 Training Camp in your second Outpost, you will be rewarded with 100 Glowing Mandrakes.

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