Strengthening Dragons

How can I increase my Dragon's Strength and Power?

Upgrading your Dragon's Keep will help your Dragon grow from an egg to an adult Dragon capable of combat.  Every time you upgrade your Dragon's Keep this will boost the Dragon's attack and defense capabilities as well as extend attack range and life points.

Your Great Dragon starts off as an Egg. When the Egg hatches it becomes a baby Dragon, then a young Dragon, and finally an adult Dragon. When you obtain all of the Dragon Armor and begin researching Aerial Combat, the Dragon reaches its final stage and is ready for battle.

Upgrading your Rookery will allow you to research higher levels of Dragonry in your Science Center. This not only improves the combat capabilities of Swift Strike Dragons and Battle Dragons, but also contributes to the Aerial Combat ability, which allows your Great Dragon, Water Dragon and Stone Dragon to fight with your armies!

There are also items you can use for temporary boosts to your Dragons. For example, Crimson Bulls improve the Attack capability of your Great or Water Dragon for 24 hours, and Purple Bones improve the Defense capability of your Great Dragon, Water Dragon, and Stone Dragon for 24 hours. 

Both of these Items are available in the Shop, as rewards for Quests, in Fortuna’s Chance, and as prizes for victorious battles.

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