Collecting Resources From Outpost Silos

How do I use the Silos in my Outpost?

Silos are an important part of any Outpost, and are very useful in collecting Resources to be used in your City.

The amount of Silos you can build in one Outpost is controlled by the level of your Dragon's Keep. At any point in time you are only allowed to build one more Silo than the level of your Dragon's Keep. For example, if your Dragon's Keep in your Outpost is Level 8 you will then be able to build 9 Silos in that Outpost. Consequently it is important to keep your Dragon's Keep at a high level if you wish to collect a lot of Resources over time.

If you need assistance collecting resources from your Silo, simply click on your Silo to open a list of what Resources you have been receiving, and select ""Collect All"". Make sure you have plenty of Food first.


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