Armistice Agreement

What is an Armistice Agreement and how do I use one?

How do I get an Armistice Agreement?

You can purchase an Armistice Agreement from the .

What happens when I use an Armistice Agreement

Once you enact an Armistice Agreement your City and Outposts cannot be attacked by another player for 3 days. Please keep in mind, City and Outposts will be safe after using an Armistice Agreement, but occupied Wilds will not be protected.

While under protection you will be unable to attack any player's City, Outposts, or owned wilderness. You are always able to attack Anthropus Camps whether under protection or not.

Why did I get attacked after using an Armistice Agreement?

If you are marching to another City or another player is marching towards your City prior to enacting an Armistice Agreement, this attack will still land. In other words, any attacks launched before an Armistice Agreement is activated will still strike your City or Outposts.

Can I use more than one Armistice Agreement?

A player may use more than one Armistice Agreement at a time. Each additional Armistice Agreement used will extend the length of protection on a player by an additional three days. For example, if a player uses three Armistice Agreements, then that player has 9 days of protection from the time they were enacted.

What if I used my Armistice Agreement while under Beginner's Protection?

If a player is under Beginner Protection and enacts an Armistice Agreement the protection period begins after the Beginner Protection ends.

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