Nomadic Recruits

What is a Nomadic Recruit?

A Nomadic Recruit is an Item that allows you to increase the population of your City by 20,000 for 24 hours. Nomadic Recruits cannot be sent out on an attack and will not defend your City.

Using multiple Nomadic Recruits will allow you to increase the duration the recruits stay in your City, but it will not summon more wandering warriors to your aid. When you apply multiple Nomadic Recruit Items, the wandering warriors will remain in your City more than 24 hours, but it is not possible to gain more than 20,000 Idle Population from this Item. 

When you use a Nomadic Recruit, wandering warriors will seek refuge inside of your City and be ready to assist you with any task that requires a higher Idle Population. If you ever need more Idle Population in order to train a larger amount of troops, it would be beneficial to use the Nomadic Recruits Item.

In other words, if you use one Nomadic Recruit you will be granted a 24 hour bonus to your population. To view this bonus, simply look on the right side of your screen in the same location as any Nano boosters.

Using another Nomadic Recruit will not increase your City's population again, but will instead extend the time your current boost lasts.

At this point in time, it is only possible to acquire a Nomadic Recruit Item through Fortuna's Vault or the Shop.

Please note: There are situations in which you can have negative idle population after utilizing the Nomadic Troop item. This can occur if you utilized the extra 20,000 idle population to train troops and the 20,000 Nomadic Recruits leave your City while the troops are still in training, causing you to have a negative idle population. If you do have a negative idle population, your idle population will still be displayed as "0". Using another Nomadic Troop item at that time will add 20,000 population to your City, but will add less than 20,000 idle population or even 0 idle population. To see if you currently have a negative idle population, we suggest that you check to see if the number of Laborers and Trainees is greater than your current Population.

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