What is the Shop?

The Shop is where you can purchase various Items and Resources to help you in the game. Items are purchased with Rubies, and credited to your account upon purchase.

To access the Shop, click on the button labeled “Shop” located in the menu near the bottom of the game screen.

How do I navigate the Shop?

Items available for purchase within the shop are separated by subject Tabs, describing the type of Item. For example, if you desire Items that will affect your hourly Resources, click on the Production Tab. Simply click on the tab for the subject that you feel most suits your needs to view Items available for purchase.

What does each Tab contain?

The Shop contains items listed under the following seven types of Tabs:

  • Featured Items: Under this heading you will find new Items and Items that we are currently offering for purchase at a discounted rate
  • Resource: Food, Wood, Stone, and Ore are listed for purchase under this Tab
  • Speed-Up: Items to help you speed-up actions such as building, training Troops, and completing new Research are available here
  • Production: In this Tab you can purchase Items to boost your production of Resources and Gold
  • General: Items to perform general functions in the game will be listed here, such as Cease Fire Treaties
  • Chest: Chests of multiple Items are available in this Tab
  • Arsenal: Curses and Items used to produce Fangtooths and Granite Ogres are available in this Tab

Can I purchase Gold?

We currently have a 200k Gold item available for purchase in the Shop under the Resource tab.

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