Charted Warp Device

What is a Charted Warp Device?

A Charted Warp Device is an item that can be used to instantly warp your City to a new location on the Map. When you use a Charted Warp Device you are allowed to pick the exact Swamp you wish to warp to.

Charted Warp Devices can be very helpful if you are being constantly bombarded by attacks from the same players or from neighboring cities. Once you have warped your City, the players who have been attacking you will not be able to readily locate your City. The only way that they will be able to find your City is by searching the entire Map.

To use a Charted Warp Device, first find the Swamp you wish to relocate to on the Map. When you have clicked on the Swamp you wish to warp to, simply click the "Warp" button.

After clicking "Warp", you will be asked to confirm that this is the location you wish to warp to.

To complete the warp, simply click "OK", and your City will be relocated.

Charted Warp Devices will not warp your Outpost. If you wish to warp your Outpost, you will need an Outpost Warp.

Where do I get a Charted Warp Device?

Charted Warp Devices may be purchased with Rubies in the Shop.

Why can't I use my Charted Warp Device?

If you are experiencing difficulties with using a Charted Warp Device, it is most likely because you are attempting to warp your City when you have troops out marching or reinforcing. You may also be experiencing issues with warping your City if you have an Alliance member reinforcing you.

Please check your Muster Point to see if you have any troops out marching or Alliance members reinforcing before you attempt to warp your City.

You must first recall all of your troops from marches and send home any troops that are reinforcing you in order to successfully warp your City.

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