Removing a Curse

How do I remove a Curse?

When you are inflicted with a Curse, you will receive a note saying "Curse Received!" in your Messages. Like the "Curse Sent" message, the "Curse Received!" report will list the name of the Curse you received, the name of the player who sent you the Curse, and the time the Curse was sent.

In order to remove a Curse click on "Remove Curse" in one of your "Curse Received!" reports and a window will appear asking you to use one of your Divine Lights. If you do not have any Divine Lights, you will be provided with the option to purchase one and use it then.

If you are inflicted with a curse, there will be a small red box on the right side of your screen (near where Nano Boosts and Collectors display) describing which resources are being affected, and how much longer the Curse will last.

Please note: Divine Lights can only be used via Curse Reports. If you delete your old Curse Reports, you will be unable to remove any Curses inflicted upon you until you receive a new Curse Report.

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