The Storage Vault

What is the Storage Vault?

The Storage Vault is a heavily fortified warehouse. You can protect Food, Lumber, Metal, and Stone from enemy attacks in your Storage Vault. Your Gold will not be protected by your Storage Vault, so this resource will always be vulnerable during an attack.

Gold is not a resource that is protected until you upgrade your Storage Vault to level 12, of which it then becomes capable of protecting up to 1,000,000 Gold.

How does the Storage Vault work?

The Storage Vault automatically stores a player’s resources. You do not need to activate the Storage Vault in any way; it will always protect a set amount of resources. In other words, even if you are attacked 10 or more times in a row, your Storage Vault will never lose its minimum level of resources.

How many units of each resource will the Storage Vault protect?

The level of a Storage Vault will determine how large its capacity is. As you upgrade your Storage Vault to a higher level it will be able to hold larger and larger amounts of resources. For example, a level 9 Storage Vault will protect 2,000,000 of each resource and a level 10 Storage Vault will protect 3,000,000 of each resource.

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