Dragons of Atlantis: Training Troops

How do I train troops?

To train troops, click on your Garrison and select 'Train Troops'. From here, choose the type of troops you want to train. There are many popular types of troops, such as Longbowmen, Battle Dragons, Giants and Armored Transports.

After clicking on the troop type, a screen will appear listing the requirements to train this particular troop. You will also see the maximum number of troops you can train, which indicates the amount your City can currently support. Additionally, this page will list a description of how these troops perform in battle, and provide information on the food resources needed for their upkeep.

Please note that a low number of Idle Population is a common reason people are prevented from troop training. Rest assured, it is very easy to raise your idle population.

You do not need to wait for one group of troops to finish training before you begin training more troops, because there is a troop training queue. You can queue up as many additional groups of troops to train as the number of Garrisons in your City.

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