What is a Quest?

As you progress in Dragons of Atlantis, you will be given the opportunity to complete several "quests". A quest is a challenge presented to you that, upon completion, yields a reward. As you unlock more quests the requirements become more difficult, and the rewards can be much more valuable.

To view your available quests, click on the "Quests" button below your City stats.

A list of your current quests will appear. Find a quest you wish to learn more about in the side bar, and the box on the right will fill in with more information (such as the exact requirements of the quest, and the rewards you will receive when you claim the quest).

How do I claim a Quest?

When you complete a quest, an indicator will appear over your Quests button displaying how many Quests you can claim.

If you have new quests to claim, simply click on the button and find them in your list. Any completed quest will have a check mark next to the name. Find the quest you've recently completed and click on it; the reward you receive for completing the quest will be listed. Click "Claim Reward" to accept the various items and resources.

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