Selective Defenses

How do I select which troops will defend my City?

From within the confines of your Wall, you can control which units will act as defenders of your City.

When you select specific troops to defend your Wall, those units will not be available for attack marches or available to view in the regiments tab. If you wish to send these troops on an attack, simply remove them from the list of troops defending your Wall.

If you would like to select which troops will defend your City, simply follow these steps:

Click on your Wall. In the window that appears, select the "Choose Defenders" button.

From here you will be able to select which units defend your City. For example, if you would like to have 2,600 Porters defend your Wall, type "2600" in the box underneath Porters.

When you have selected all of the troops you wish to use to Defend your City, click on the "Update Defenders" button

You will then be placed back in the window displaying your Wall's level and Sanctuary status. From here, you can see that any troops you have selected to Defend your City with will be ready at a moment's notice. Your units will remain in a greyed out box if your Wall is set to Hide. While in your Wall menu, you can also see exactly how many troops you have left to send on attack marches, under the "Left for Marches" column.

If you are absolutely sure you wish to use these troops to defend your City, switch your current troop positioning to "Fight Back", and your selected army will be ready for any incoming attacks!

The units you select to defend your City will only enter battle if you have changed your troop positioning to "Fight Back". You can prepare an army to defend your City at any point in time, but until they are changed to "Fight Back", they will not enter battle. When you switch your City to Fight Back the list of your Defending troops will appear in color and your units will be listed as "Defending".

Reinforcements will always defend your City, even if your own current troop positioning is set to Hide. It is not possible to change which reinforcements defend your City.

Important: it is not possible to change your current troop positioning to "Fight Back" if you have not selected any defenders for your City.

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