Defending your City

How do I defend my City?

The best way to defend and prevent your City from being attacked is by having a powerful Dragon and by outnumbering any opponent with troops.

Here are some tips to help protect your city and win your battles:

  • Make sure your troops are set to defend your City by clicking on your Wall and make sure your troops are ordered to defend the City
  • Upgrade your wall to the highest level you possibly can. Higher level walls have higher defense resistance to protect your City
  • Train as many skilled and powerful troops as possible
  • Upgrade your Dragons Keep. The higher the level of your Dragons Keep, the stronger your dragon will be to defend your City
  • Use a Cease Fire Treaty which provides 12 hours of protection. Cease Fire Treaties can purchased from the Shop or won in Fortuna’s Chance
  • Gain as much power for your City and reach higher levels

You get a new title for each level you gain. Your level is based on the highest amount of Power you have ever had, and cannot go down. Power is based on the number and level of buildings you have, and the number and type of your troops. High-level buildings and expensive units are worth more Power.

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