The Anthropus Threat Quest

What are Anthropus Talismans?

Adventurers all around Atlantis have begun investigating the . The Anthropus have not ignored this, and have also begun surveying these dark Forests.

A new quest was recently introduced, ""The Anthropus Threat"", that will reward a player for successfully attacking any Anthropus Camp with a Great Dragon or Elemental Dragon. As part of your reward for completing this quest, you will receive Anthropus Talismans. At this point in time we cannot reveal the purpose of Anthropus Talismans, but one thing is for sure: they will serve to be a very important part of this mystery in the days to come.

Please keep your eye on the game for the latest hint in this mystery, and always feel free to discuss with other players how you feel the Anthropus Talisman will be utilized in our official community forums!

Important: Some players have reported that they only received 1 Anthropus Talisman, but rest assured everyone that completes this quest will be granted 25 Anthropus Talisman by our team.

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