Building Construction/Cancellation

How do I upgrade buildings and cancel upgrades?

In order to gain Power and unlock research levels and training capabilities, you'll need to upgrade your buildings.

To upgrade a building, click on the building you wish to upgrade. You'll see a window pop up with a list of all resources required to complete the build, as well as how much of each resource you currently possess. If you do not have enough of a particular resource it will appear in red and you will need to gather more in order to upgrade the building.

On the left side of the window you'll see a picture of the selected building and underneath is an "Upgrade" button. Clicking this will begin the upgrade.

If you select the wrong building or change your mind about a building upgrade, you do have the option of canceling it (with the exception of the Dragon's Keep). Just click on the building, which will reopen the same window, and click on the "Cancel Construction" button.

A confirmation window will appear asking you to confirm that you do wish to cancel the build. Clicking "OK" will cancel the build.

Please remember that if you cancel a build you will lose any resources already used in the build, including any items that were required.

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