Training with Negative Food Production

How do I train Troops when I have Negative Food Production?

If you find that your army is consuming more food than your City can produce, you can try any of the following techniques to allow you to train more troops: Sending your troops to an ally or your Outpost, dismissing weaker troops, or Using Food acquired through Items, your Outpost, and Battle.

Reinforcing an Alliance Member

When you send your troops to reinforce an alliance member, they survive by eating the food of your alliance member. Thus, when your troops are no longer eating your own resources, it is possible to build up a large surplus of Food.

Warning: When your troops are away reinforcing they can be killed if your alliance member's City is attacked, so always be sure to warn your friends before you send them reinforcements!

Reinforcing your Outpost

When you reinforce your own Outpost, your troops will only consume the Food entering your Silo. Consequently, it is possible to produce food in your City while your troops are in your Outpost.

Once your troops have arrived at the Outpost, your City's hourly food consumption will decrease and it will be possible to accumulate enough food to create more troops. After you have created as many troops as you desire, simply recall your reinforcements and they will return.

Dismissing Weaker Troops

When you hit a higher level in Dragons of Atlantis, it is likely that you will have a large amount of weaker troops that you may no longer need. If you dismiss troops you no longer use from your army, it will clear up large amounts of Food consumption and allow you to produce more troops than you previously were able to.

Using Acquired Food

If you wish to gain enough food to train new troops without reinforcing, you can always rely on the food in your Silo. When you add this food to your main city resources, you will have a limited amount of time to use this food to create new troops.

If you attack another City or a higher level Anthropus Camp you are likely to receive a large portion of food all at once. When you are victorious in a battle you will receive a report detailing just how much of each resource you won; with this information you can prepare to train as many troops as possible. When your troops return to your City, all of the resources will be added at once, and you can attempt to train whichever troops you want.

Remember, if you do not act quickly your collected resources will be depleted by your negative hourly production rate. Because of this it is much more difficult to use food in your Silo if your hourly production is lower than -500,000. Please keep this in mind when attempting this technique.

Using the Shop

One beneficial way to acquire large amounts of Food quickly is to purchase resource items in the shop. When you are in the Resource tab in the shop, there will be a list of all the available Resource items for purchase. Please note that when you are in the shop it is possible to acquire up to 250,000 or 500,000 Food resources at one time.

If you acquire multiple items through the shop it is possible to add upwards of a few million Food all at once, and thus it becomes much easier to train mass amounts of troops.

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