Disappearing Resources

Why aren't my Resources increasing?

If you find your Resources are not increasing as you expected, please do not be alarmed. First make sure you are not over your Resource capacity. Often times it can appear that your Resources are not increasing hourly when they have hit capacity, so this is a great step to check when evaluating any possible situation.

After investigating this, should you find that your resources are still not adding properly, please attempt to upgrade a Resource building corresponding to the Resource you are experiencing difficulties with.

For example, if you find your Metal is not increasing properly, try upgrading a low level Mine to a higher level. As a final step, refresh your Internet Browser to help resolve any difficulties you may be experiencing with a particular Resource.

If you complete all of these steps and find you are still experiencing difficulties with your Resource production rate, feel free to contact the Dragons of Atlantis Support Team for more assistance. To receive assistance as quickly as possible, be sure to include a detailed description of any difficulty you may be experiencing, and any relevant screen shots related to your concerns.

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