Sanctuary Boosts and Dragon Abilities

What are Sanctuary Boosts and Dragon Abilities?

Sanctuary Boosts offer a wealth of advantages and are equippable via the Guardian Roost in the Dragon Sanctuary.

When a dragon egg is obtained or created via breeding, it is given three abilities from its parents. These abilities are rated and listed weakest to strongest. Only by upgrading a dragon to 10, can you make all three abilities active when equipped in your Guardian Roosts. Every breedable Dragon is assigned a certain number of abilities and you must continue to breed your Dragons in order to uncover them all.

These abilities differ based on dragon species, ranks and breeding lineage. The more times a dragon has been crossbred, the more likely new abilities will result. Finally, some abilities are exclusive and cannot be bred naturally. The only way to acquire these exclusive abilities is to acquire one of the rare dragons awarded through game events.

The following is a list of currently available and Boosts obtainable via breeding in the Dragon Sanctuary.

  • Agriculture (food production per hour) increased
  • Alloys (Metal Production Per Hour) increased
  • Armored Transport Life increased
  • Armored Transport Load increased
  • Armored Transport Training Speed decreased
  • Attacker's Battle Dragon Defense decreased
  • Attacker's Conscript Defense decreased
  • Attacker's Defense decreased
  • Attacker's Fangtooth Range decreased
  • Attacker's Frost Giant Defense decreased
  • Attacker's Granite Ogre Life decreased
  • Attacker's Granite Ogre Speed Decreased
  • Attacker's Pack Dragon Load Decreased
  • Attacker's Sand Strider Speed Decreased
  • Attacker's Spy Speed Decreased
  • Attacker's Swift Strike Melee decreased
  • Attacker's Wraith Dragon Melee decreased
  • Banshee Speed increased
  • Battle Dragon Defense increased
  • Battle Dragon Life increased
  • Battle Dragon Speed increased
  • Conscript Defense increased
  • Dark Slayer Life Increased
  • Dragons Health regeneration increased
  • Dragons Minimum Health stat lowered
  • Fangtooth Melee increased
  • Fangtooth Speed increased
  • Frost Giant Training Speed decreased
  • Giant Speed increased
  • Granite Ogre Defense increased
  • Halberdsman Life increased
  • Halberdsman Training Speed decreased
  • Lava Jaw Life Increased
  • Longbowman Ranged increased
  • March Capacity Increased
  • Masonry (Stone production per hour) increased
  • Maximum Food Capacity increased
  • Maximum Metal Capacity increased
  • Maximum Stone Capacity increased
  • Maximum Wood Capacity increased
  • Medicine / Troop health increased
  • Metallurgy / Attack & Defense increased
  • Minotaur Defense Increased
  • Minotaur Life increased
  • Minotaur Melee increased
  • Pack Dragon Load increased
  • Petrified Titan Training Speed decreased
  • Porter Training Speed decreased
  • Rapid Deployment / Travel Speed & Battle Speed decreased
  • Research time decreased
  • Sand Strider Melee increased
  • Soul Reaper Defense increased
  • Swift Strike Dragon Life increased
  • Swift Strike Melee increased
  • Swift Strike Speed increased
  • Troop Attack & Defense vs Anthropus increased
  • Troop speed (combat) increased
  • Troop Upkeep decreased
  • Venom Dweller Life increased
  • Venom Dweller Range increased
  • Venom Dweller Training Speed decreased
  • Wall Defense Rating Increased
  • Woodcraft (Wood production per hour) increased
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