Dragons Healing After Every Battle

Why does my Great Dragon have to heal after every battle?

While Swift Strike Dragons and Battle Dragons are bred for mobility, larger Dragons such as the Great Dragon and the Elemental Dragons must exert more energy when attacking any location.

These Dragons tend to be more lethargic in nature, and are content to defend their homes from the safety of their Keeps. The strain of marching causes the Great Dragon and Outpost Dragons to experience fatigue, and they need to rest after every battle.

When sending your Great Dragon or Outpost Dragon on a march, it is entirely possible to encounter a wild or Anthropus Camp that was recently defeated. In these situations your Dragon will face no opposition and quickly become the victor.

Even if this occurs, the Dragon will have suffered strain from marching to this location and will need some time to rest before returning to battle.

If you are ever concerned about the safety of your Great Dragon or Outpost Dragons, be sure to send additional troops into battle to protect them.

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