What is a Halberdsmen?

A Halberdsman is a female melee attack troop for beginning players. They can be used to defeat a lower level Wilderness or opponent.

As an offensive troop, Halberdsmen have a higher attack level than other beginning troops. Be sure to utilize Halberdsmen with other attack troops (such as Minotaurs), for Halberdsmen have a smaller amount of health than other defensive troops. With the aid of other units, the Halberdsmen can be utilized in battle in previously unthought-of ways, so be sure to try out several different combinations!

How do I train a Halberdsmen?

Halberdsmen can be trained by building a Level 2 Garrison in your City and researching Level 1 Metallurgy. Make sure you have plenty of resources if you want to train several Halberdsmen at once.

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