What is a Minotaur?

A Minotaur is a basic melee attack troop for beginning players. They are beneficial for attacking on lower level Wildernesses and opponents.

As an offensive troop, Minotaurs have a higher attack than other beginning troops. Be sure to utilize Minotaurs with Longbowmen and other attack troops to defeat your opponents more easily. With the added assistance of the Longbowmen, Minotaurs can be utilized in battle in previously unthought-of ways, so be sure to try out several different combinations!

How do I train a Minotaur?

Minotaurs can be trained by building a level 3 Garrison and a level 1 Metalsmith and researching level 1 Metallurgy. Make sure you have plenty of resources if you wish to train several Minotaurs at once.

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