Sending Resources to an Alliance Member

How do I send resources to an Alliance member?

One of the advantages to being in an alliance is the ability to send Resources to allies. To do this, follow these instructions:

1. Click on the Alliances Button.

2. Select the Alliance member you would like to send resources to by looking for the player's name in the name column, and then click the view button.

3. Click on the "Send Resources" button.

4. Select the amount of Transportation Units and Resources you would like to send. Be sure that your total resources being sent does not exceed the load capacity or the transfer will not work.

5. You will now notice a Transport March Timer on your screen counting down. When this has finished, you will receive a Transport March Report. 

6. When the Transport March Timer has completed, you should notice that you have a new message. In your messages, you should receive a Transport March Report that looks similar to the report below.

7. After your Transportation Units have delivered the resources, they will then begin the march back. You will notice a Returning Troops Timer. Once this timer has completed, you have successfully sent your alliance member.

Being able to send resources amongst allies helps to build your cities and bonds between your Alliance.

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