Alliance Titles

What powers do the different alliance titles hold?

If you're thinking about joining an Alliance or wonder what it would be like to hold a higher title in an Alliance, here is a list of actions you can perform at each level:


  • Message fellow Alliance members
  • Send and receive resources from Alliance members
  • Reinforce and be reinforced by Alliance members
  • Message other Alliances
  • Resign from the Alliance


(Additional privileges)

  • Dismiss Vassals
  • Accept or dismiss applicants
  • Choose which Alliances are friends, foes or neutral
  • Send invites to Facebook friends to join your alliance


(Additional privileges)

  • Dismiss Vassals and Leaders
  • Appoint Leaders
  • Demote Leaders


(Additional privileges)

  • Dismiss Vassals, Leaders and Lords
  • Appoint Leaders and Lords
  • Demote Leaders and Lords 
  • Resign and appoint any other Alliance member as new Overlord
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