Known Issues

What are the Dragons of Atlantis known issues?

Dragons of Atlantis is in a development period where a lot of game content and new features are added each week: the game is playable and finished, but we continue to polish new and existing features. The development is always continuing and we hope you will enjoy all the new additions we plan for the future. With that said, there are some known issues that we understand cause players difficulties. Our team is working on providing permanent resolutions so game performance improves, which will directly enhance your gaming experience. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we develop new content and make fixes along the way.

For many game play issues players encounter, it is highly recommended to complete the troubleshooting steps that may resolve the issue immediately.

Below is a list of top known issues and troubleshooting steps (This list will evolve as new known issues are added or fixed):

Troops and or Dragon Missing

Reinforcement Troops Missing

Disappearing Resources

Loading Issues

Specified Queue Full



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