Important Information About Sharing Account Details

Citizens of Atlantis,

We have recently become aware that Players have been sharing sensitive account information with untrusted sources. Please remember to keep all unique numbers associated with your Dragons of Atlantis account to yourself (i.e. Player ID, User ID, etc.). Those with access to this type of information can not only take control of your account in undesired ways, but the actions they commit using your information could directly affect your game experience in the form of excessive lag, number of actions that can be performed, etc.
Please keep in mind that it is a player's sole responsibility to maintain their account information.  Each player is accountable for any actions taken in their game, whether or not it's authorized.
Thank you for your attention to this matter and remember to never share your account information with anyone who approaches you asking for it. RockYou will only ask you for information if you have notified/contacted us via Player Support about a specific issue in which we specifically need that info in order to assist you.
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