Sound and Internet Explorer

Why am I not able to hear the Music and Sound Effects in Glory of Rome?

After the new Audio release for Glory of Rome, we have discovered a compatibility issue with Users who use IE8 and the HTML-5 code we use to compile the audio. Some users are unable to hear sound. Here's a quick work-around that should fix this issue:

Step 1:
Select the Tools tab located on the top right of the browser

Step 2:
From the tools menu, select Internet Options

Step 3:
On the Internet Options screen, select Programs


Step 4:
In the Programs tab of the Internet Options menu, select the Set Programs button located at the bottom of the window

Step 5:
The Default Programs window will appear. When this does, select to Set program access and computer defaults

Step 6:
Your computer may need admin privileges to continue. Accept the changes and select the drop down menu for the Custom option

Step 7:
Scroll down to the Choose a default media player option and select Windows Media Player

Step 8:
After selecting Windows Media Player, select OK and refresh the browser

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