How to Build a 4th City

How do I build a Fourth City?

Follow the recommended Quests to assist you with building your Fourth City. Once you have reached the recommended Quest to start building your Fourth City, follow the following guidelines to assist you with your Empire expansion:

Reach Level 7 or Higher
Level up to at least level 7 so you can begin expanding your Empire.

Obtain a Fourth City Deed  
There are two ways in which you can obtain a Fourth City Deed

Purchase the 4th City Deed in the Shop. You can locate the 4th City Deed in the Miscellaneous section of the Shop.Obtain the required Marks of the Roman Emperors by attack unowned Wilds. The higher the Wild, the more likely a Mark will be found. You will need to obtain the following Marks in order to earn your 4th City Deed:

20 Augustus' Marks
15 Tiberius' Marks
9 Caligula's Mark
4 Claudius' Marks
2 Vespasian's Marks

Plain on the Map
Go to the Map view to find a plain you wish to build your 4th City on. It does not matter what level the plain is. Attack and conquer the plain. Once you have gained control of the plain you wish to build your city on, you can start building your 4th city!

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